Our Curriculum

Your child’s education and happiness is our priority and our bespoke curriculum ensures the interests and learning preferences of all of our students are taken into account.

The Office of Education Standards (OES) inspection report in October 2022 graded our curriculum as ‘Excellent,’ noting the rich, broad, balanced and relevant content with a focus on Caymanian culture. Continuity and progression of the curriculum throughout the school, as well as strong cross curricular links, were also mentioned as strengths in the report. Our high-quality outdoor learning was recognised as a very valuable element to our curriculum, with the report noting, ‘visits to the local beaches allowed students to make deep and meaningful connections to the world and gave them an understanding of how learners fit within it.’

At Footsteps we follow the UK National Curriculum 2014, ensuring all students will be best prepared for their transition to high school (whether staying in Cayman or moving overseas) with an additional focus on the Cayman Islands and the wider world. The first and only accredited Beach School on island, our regular beach and outdoor-learning days are what set us apart from all other primary schools on island. Using a variety of hands-on teaching and learning styles means we can really engage our students in their learning.

​At Footsteps, we have created a relevant, future-focussed curriculum with an emphasis on learning through investigation and using our local natural environment. We have small class sizes as research shows that this is a key element of effective teaching and learning. We aim to individualise learning as far as possible, offering regular extension and depth-of-learning opportunities as well as learning support.

Our Students

We aim to build a student body filled with happy, inspired children who aim high, have a growth mindset, share a love of learning and appreciate diversity in all its forms. Our students come from a true cross section of Cayman’s society. They include part and fully-funded Caymanian scholarship students, students from Cayman and the rest of the world. They boast a huge range of abilities and talents and some have SEND. Most importantly, they are friends.

The Facility and Resources

Our renovated building is on Eastern Avenue, a convenient central George Town location. Although small, our premises are perfectly suited to being a boutique school, with plenty of well-appointed internal space, a private car-park and various outside areas including a planting garden, learning garden and an outdoor play area.

Testimonials & Awards

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