Fee Schedule 2024 – 2025

Tuition fees are invoiced on an annual basis. Parents can opt to be invoiced termly or monthly if preferred.

Please see the annual fee structures below.

Year Group
Monthly (10 Payments)
Reception to Year 8
Term 1: $5500
Term 2: $5500
Term 3: $4500
Other costs (payable before 1st September):
Annual Resource Fee
$300 per child
Annual Snack Fee
$300 per child
Annual PTA Contribution
$100 per child

Sibling discount (on tuition fees only)

  • 5% for the first sibling
  • 10% for the second and subsequent sibling

Late payment charges

A fee of 1.5% per month, applied at the beginning of each period, may be added to fees
that are not paid by the due date.

After School Care fees

  • CI$10 for the first hour or part thereof
  • CI$15 per day (or for any time greater than one hour)
  • CI$250 monthly charge (pro-rated during school holiday months)
  • Late fees: CI$10 penalty for the first 10 minutes after 5.00pm and $5 for every five
    minutes thereafter.